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Unofficial Amstrad WWW Resource en-gb
The main page of the web site dedicated to the Amstrad CPC464, CPC664, CPC6128, CPC464+, CPC6128+, GX4000 and VEB Mikroelectronic KC Compact
Welcome to
Amstrad plc : manufacturers and suppliers of Telecoms, Audio, TV, Video, Digital Satellite and Cable TV products
OTTO 28-March-2002
OTTO - the Amstrad CPC disczine now on-line.
Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site 04-June-2002
Resources for users of the Amstrad NC100 Notepad and NC200 Notebook computers, with a Q&A section, features, and FREE programs to download.
CaPriCe32 - A 32 bit Amstrad CPC Emulator 10-November-2001
Amstrad's Home Page 07-June-2000
This is Amstrad's home page covering computer related products made by our company
Nocash Emulation Homepage
T.A.C.G.R. - Welcome en
Web Frontend for NVG, Amstrad Action Reviews & More
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WinAPE - The Windows Amstrad Plus Emulator en-gb
WACCI The CPC User Group 08-September-1999
WACCI The CPC User's Group. We have loads of CPC software that you can download for free. All the software are in zipped up DSK files that are ready to run on your emulator.
ARNOLD Emulator
Arnold is an accurate Amstrad CPC/CPC+ and KC Compact emulation
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Bad European News Gang / Amstrad Schneider CPC 21-August-2000
The original CPC-Group on Amstrad. Bad European News Gang
Lamers International 12-October-2000
Kangaroo MusiQue - Better Expect Nothing Good 12-November-2000
Madness, total madness.... 17-December-2000
The Amstrad CPC Poke Database
CPC/IP - A TCP/IP stack for Amstrad CPCs 07-December-2001
no title 18-September-2001
DDDS Ltd Home Page 11-February-2002
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Arnimedes - the CPC-Emulator 25-October-2001
Multi-machine emulator homepages. 22-November-1998
The Leonard Homepage (*The* alternative programming page) 07-October-2001 index fr-FR
Club Cpc Amstrad Download Téléchargement Liens Forum New Fanzines Trombino Trombinoscopes Adresses melihi20 Adhésion
A/SCD - Amstrad/Schneider CPC Department 01-June-2002
Das ist eine der groessten Homepage zum alten Homecomputer CPC. Ueber 3.000 Downloads. Hilfe,Docs,Bilder,..
HCM: The Home Computer Museum ... 02-May-2002
HCM - The HomeComputer Museum. A collection of now obsolete computers like Acorn, Amstrad, Apple, Atari, Commodore, MSX, Schneider, Sharp, Sinclair, Tandy
The Machine Room
The Machine Room is a site featuring many classic home and business computers, including pictures, descriptions, technical details, trivia and links.
ALL - aka CGS
ALL about Amstrad CPC Games - screenshots, descriptions, solutions, musics,... well almost all !
The Emulator Strikes Back 16-June-2002
The only site on the internet that fulfills your retro-Star Wars gaming needs. - Join the Revolution... en-us
The most complete source of Emulation news, interviews, emulator and ROM downloads!
Amstrad CPC: emulation for beginers and avanced users
Web for start in CPC emulation, downloaded software, hardware projects, news, links, help docs
Futurs' Freeware Diffusion - Le Site Officiel / The Official Web Page 23-January-2001
PHENIX INFORMATIQUE site Amstrad CPC 15-June-2002fr-FX
Amstrad CPC, ordinateurs 8 Bits. Fiche technique, montage de lecteur 3'1/2, un annuaire d'utilisateur, des émulateurs, jeux, utilitaires, des liens, l'histoire des machines. Un forum et des news.
Nul Part System 27-January-2002
site entièrement consacré au CPC avec des tas de téléchargements
Gaby's Homepage f 01-May-2002
Gaby's Homepage für CP/M und Computergeschichte
OldBits - my private collection of old computer (a virtual exhibition of a real existing collection) 14-June-2002
OldBits Computermuseum - a real existing collection of old computers, Beschreibung meiner eigenen Sammlung (incl. Bilder) von alten Computern, hauptsächlich Heimcomputer der 8-bit Ära, Links und Infos zu alten Computern
Amstrad CPC emulator for UNIX 06-September-2001
CPC-em - An Amstrad CPC Emulator
Znode 51
ZiLOG Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Digital Signal Processors - MCU, MPU, and DSP
ZiLOG Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Digital Signal Processors - MCU, MPU, and DSP
Homepage für alle 8-Bit-Computer und Videospiele. Computergeschichte(n), Forum und Flohmarkt für Aktive, Nostalgiker und Sammler.
WACCI On-Line: Website home of the Amstrad CPC user group and magazine 22-April-2002
WACCI On-Line: Website home of the Amstrad CPC usergroup and magazine
CPC Zone
CPC Zone is one of the largest Amstrad CPC emulation resources on the net offering news, reviews, cover scans and much more!
retro:amstrad the amstrad retro computers site el sitio dedicado a los ordenadores amstrad
ParaKnowYa 11-June-2002
Amstrad CPC 464 664 6128 Basic programming tutorial and games. The Basic Idea
Introduction and software (games/utilties/demos) downloads for Amstrad CPC programming tutorial