download - asm

Multi-load/Module example for asm[30-December-2013]-[ 4.3 KB]

download - contiki

Contiki OS 1.2 devel 1 source for Amstrad CPC[30-December-2013]-[923.2 KB]
Contiki OS 1.2 devel 1 binary for Amstrad CPC[30-December-2013]-[66.3 KB]

download - cpc

MYM player for CPC[30-December-2013]-[29.9 KB]
MYM player for CPC by Andy Cadley[30-December-2013]-[111.2 KB]
Modified Vortex Tracker player for CPC[30-December-2013]-[37.0 KB]
Load BBC screens on the cpc[30-December-2013]-[27.1 KB]
20K BBC like screen (from ACU)[30-December-2013]-[ 7.4 KB]
My tool for converting BMP images to CPC data[30-December-2013]-[17179869184.0 GB]
Load C64 scrreens on the cpc[30-December-2013]-[41.1 KB]
My cartridge filesystem[25-January-2014]-[29.5 KB]
How to setup a cart for the CSD[30-December-2013]-[ 1.1 KB]
Load Spectrum screens on cpc[30-December-2013]-[37.1 KB]
A simple disc formatter using CPC BDOS functions[30-December-2013]-[ 4.5 KB]

download - cpc - my_productions

Preview of CPC part of the 4096 colour demo[30-December-2013]-[ 7.1 KB]
4096 Colour demo for CPC+ (preview)[30-December-2013]-[ 6.5 KB]
Preview of a picture viewer using CPC+ hardware sprites[30-December-2013]-[12.4 KB]
My failed attempt at a 1K BASIC game[30-December-2013]-[ 3.2 KB]
Tunes by Big Alec/Delta Force transfered from ST to CPC[30-December-2013]-[21.7 KB]
Tunes by Lap/Next transfered from ST to CPC[30-December-2013]-[22.8 KB]
Tunes by Mad Max/TEX transfered from ST to CPC[30-December-2013]-[93.2 KB]

download - cpc+

Source code to the RP11 Diagnostic Cartridge (c) Amstrad plc 1990-2001. All rights reserved[30-December-2013]-[318.3 KB]

download - cpc+ - patch

Patch to allow Nirvana v1.1 to run on a CPC6128+[30-December-2013]-[ 4.4 KB]

download - crossdevelopment

DATA Maker tool[03-January-2014]-[ 2.8 KB]
CPC Palette and Image templates for GIMP image editor[30-December-2013]-[ 1.2 KB]
My tool to inject data into another file[03-January-2014]-[17.3 KB]
My tool to get file start or length or execution address from AMSDOS header[30-December-2013]-[12.7 KB]
My tool to convert binary to C array or ASM defb[03-January-2014]-[ 2.8 KB]
My tool for writing data into disk images[30-December-2013]-[220.8 KB]

download - demos

'Terrific Demo' by Cadjo Clan (Hacked)[30-December-2013]-[169.6 KB]
'The Demo' by Logon Systems (Musical loader version)[30-December-2013]-[243.9 KB]

download - disc

Speedlock Macro-Dos Disc Operating System (C) 1990 Speedlock Associates[30-December-2013]-[23.5 KB]

download - dse

Programs for 'Das Software Experiment'[30-December-2013]-[59.9 KB]

download - emulator

Arnold Jnr[30-December-2013]-[495.5 KB]

download - emulator - amiga

A-CPC emulator for Amiga (includes source)[30-December-2013]-[1023.0 KB]

download - examples

A simple copier using BDOS functions[30-December-2013]-[ 7.2 KB]
A simple file copier using firmware functions[30-December-2013]-[ 3.5 KB]

download - general

A list of Amstrad related words which can be used in spellcheckers/wordprocessors/ocr programs[30-December-2013]-[166.2 KB]

download - kccompact

Demo (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1989[30-December-2013]-[22.5 KB]

download - kccompact - games

Spielbox 1 (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1989[30-December-2013]-[12.0 KB]
Spielbox 2 (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1989[30-December-2013]-[ 8.1 KB]
Spielbox 5 (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1990[30-December-2013]-[16.8 KB]
Spielbox 15 (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1990[30-December-2013]-[18.1 KB]

download - kccompact - roms

KC Compact System Roms[30-December-2013]-[26.5 KB]

download - kccompact - utils

Assmon assembler/monitor (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1989[30-December-2013]-[14.4 KB]
KC Pascal (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 198m9[30-December-2013]-[17.5 KB]
Grafik 1 (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1989[30-December-2013]-[15.1 KB]
Komponist (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1990[30-December-2013]-[14.0 KB]

download - pasmo

Batch file/shell script to make it easier to compile asm[30-December-2013]-[ 1.2 KB]

download - pcw

Source code to replacement bootstrap program for PCW system[30-December-2013]-[10.2 KB]

download - roms

A guide to CPC Roms by Ian Neill[30-December-2013]-[25.9 KB]

download - sdcc

An example program written in C[30-December-2013]-[60.0 KB]
Accessing the CPC hardware through C[30-December-2013]-[55.4 KB]
Peephole optimiser rules for SDCC[30-December-2013]-[ 1.8 KB]
SDCC's 'makebin' utility updated for making Amstrad CPC executables[30-December-2013]-[ 4.1 KB]
An example which uses makelnk tool to automatically generate a linker script[30-December-2013]-[59.1 KB]
The makelnk tool which creates a '.lnk' file from command-line parameters[30-December-2013]-[ 4.5 KB]
An example which uses SDCC to link the object files to make the final executable[30-December-2013]-[54.1 KB]
A replacement z80.lib for use with Amstrad CPC[30-December-2013]-[ 2.7 KB]
The make_labels tool which creates an assembly language file (for ASZ80 assembler) with the labels from a SDCC linker generated map file.[30-December-2013]-[ 7.0 KB]
SDCC linker source modified to generate relocation records[30-December-2013]-[15.7 KB]
Multi-load/Module Example for C[03-January-2014]-[ 8.7 KB]
Amstrad Plus library for SDCC[30-December-2013]-[ 8.8 KB]
My tool to get the label from a SDCC NOI listing[25-January-2014]-[ 1.4 KB]

download - test

NEC765 emulation tester[30-December-2013]-[101.5 KB]
A program that can be used to test the functionality of the CPCs 3inch drive[30-December-2013]-[ 9.4 KB]
ZEX Z80 program tester for CPM. CPC disk image included[30-December-2013]-[38.6 KB]

download - tiled

A python script to extract tile indices from Tiled Map Editor Levels[11-January-2014]-[ 1.1 KB]

download - tile_studio

A script for tile-studio to export in a form that can be used in a cpc game[30-December-2013]-[ 585 bytes]

download - tools

Advanced Art Studio picture viewer[30-December-2013]-[37.3 KB]

download - tools - amiga

CPC emulator tools for Amiga (was part of A-CPC package; includes source)[30-December-2013]-[228.6 KB]

download - tools - cartridge

CPR cartridge image creation tool with source[03-January-2014]-[12.0 KB]

download - tools - cdt

2CDT Tape-Image creation tool[03-January-2014]-[24.8 KB]
CDT test suite for emulators[30-December-2013]-[19.7 KB]

download - tools - cpc

Advanced Art Studio patched for CPC+[30-December-2013]-[60.3 KB]

download - tools - development

A replacement TASM table which includes the undocumented Z80 instructions made by Andrew Cadley[30-December-2013]-[ 6.7 KB]
ADDHEAD tool[08-February-2014]-[21.5 KB]
BASLIST tool[30-December-2013]-[14.1 KB]
A blank DATA format disc[30-December-2013]-[ 1.9 KB]
A blank VENDOR/SYSTEM format disc[30-December-2013]-[ 1.9 KB]
A Z80 dissassembler (with source) by Roudoudou[30-December-2013]-[22.5 KB]

download - tools - disk_image

CPCXFS - a update to CPCfs to support more formats and extended disk images[30-December-2013]-[254.1 KB]
dskinfo - A tool to dump information about standard and extended disc images[30-December-2013]-[18.3 KB]