Selling Tips

Do you want to sell some Amstrad software or hardware? Here are some tips to help you to make a quick sale.


The Amstrad CPC464 and CPC6128 were sold for a period from 1985-1990 and are very common. The CPC464+ and CPC6128+ were sold between 1990 and 1995 so are not so common. The CPC664 was sold for about 1 year, before it was supersceeded by the CPC6128 so is less common.


Since the CPC and CPC+ systems were common, please do not expect a lot of money. If the computer is in excellent condition with monitor then you may expect around 30 UK pounds.

Where to sell?

There are a few choices:

Your details

If you post a message on a newsgroup please be aware that the people who read the newsgroup live all over the world, and speak different languages.

The main language used in the comp.sys.amstrad.8bit newsgroup is English, but since the Amstrad sold well in other countries, people from France, Germany and Spain, where the computer sold the most, will also read the group.

You are welcome to post in multiple languages.

Please include the following details:

Also consider the following questions:

An example:

Subject: CPC6128 for sale

I am selling a CPC6128 with Colour Monitor and original manuals. Also included are 2 disc games: Rampage and Target Renegade.
Total cost 30 UK pounds. 

Sorry I will not ship to other countries.
Sorry I will not post this item.
Buyer must collect.

I live in Sheffield in South Yorkshire in the UK.

You can contact me at: