A printer cable for the CPC

This document describes a simple cable to connect a English CPC to a printer.

The CPC+ and KC Compact can use a standard printer cable as used on a PC. (25-way D-type at CPC end to Centronics at printer end)


The English CPC has a edge connector and a standard PC printer cable can't be used.

And, there is a problem with the CPC parallel connector signals that will cause problems when trying to use a printer.

Pin 14 of the CPC parallel connector is connected to GND, when it should not be connected.

The result will cause extra lines to be printed.

The cable

You will need:

DescriptionMaplins Reference
34-way edge connector socket (female)FS80B
36-way Centronics plug (male)FJ62S
34-way ribbon cableXR76H


Counting starting at the red wire, count to 27. Carefully cut this wire.

Now clip the ribbon cable into the edge connector plug, and clip it into the centronics plug.