Power supply for CPC and CPC+


The power supply for the CPC464,664 or 6128 is not in the keyboard unit, it is in the monitor or an external television modulator.

Monitor models:

TV Modulator models:

The power requirements are (information taken from the underneath of the keyboard unit from real machines):


This project describes a method to make a power pack for the CPC and CPC+.

What you will need

CPC and CPC+:

CPC+ only:


  1. The 2.5mm power line plug will connect into the computer and provides the 5V power
  2. The lead from the CPC664, CPC6128 will connect into the 2.1mm power line socket to provide the 12V power for the disc drive
  3. A PC power supply is ideal. If a PC power supply is used you will also require:

DescriptionMaplins Reference
2.5mm power line plugHH62S
2.1mm power line socketJK11M
PC power supplyVL11M
4-pin 5.08mm Spacing Polarised Power Connector (female)JW64

Power to computer:

The plug has one outer and one inner contact. The outer contact is 0V, and the inner contact is 5V.