Multiface 2 general file information

The Multiface can save two file types:

The screen file is always &4080 bytes in length, and consists of the uncompressed screen and program code to initialise the mode, colours and dimensions of the screen.

The memory dump has the following files (e.g. save filename = "CHASEHQ"):

CHASEHQ.BIN   loader file (note 1)
CHASEHQ1.BIN   memory data (base 64k - &4000-&7FFF)
CHASEHQ2.BIN   memory data (base 64k - &8000-&BFFF)
CHASEHQ3.BIN   memory data (base 64k - &C000-&FFFF)
CHASEHQ4.BIN   memory data (base 64k - &C000-&FFFF)

The following will only exist, if the second memory bank has not been erased (the second bank can be erased using a option from the Multiface 2 menu):

CHASEHQ5.BIN   memory data (second bank of 64k - &0000-&3FFF)
CHASEHQ6.BIN   memory data (second bank of 64k - &4000-&7FFF)
CHASEHQ7.BIN   memory data (second bank of 64k - &8000-&BFFF)
CHASEHQ8.BIN   memory data (second bank of 64k - &C000-&FFFF)