KC Compact Advert Translation

Here is the translation from the German advert (dated 1989):

The KC compact is a new developed homecomputer, made by VEB Mikroelektronik "Wilhelm Pieck" Muehlhausen.There is a posibility to expand the system with hard- and software-components.

The KC compact is a compact, easy useable computer. It consists of a ground device with integrated keyboard and an external power supply.

A RGB-monitor or a (non)colour-TV are connectable. A cassette recorder or tape-recorder are used to store datas. A disc-drive follows soon.

The homecomputer has a built-in 8-bit-processor, 64 Kbyte RAM and 32 Kbyte ROM. The BASIC-interpreter with an extended instruction set (181 instructions) an the operating system (non KC-85 compatible) are stored in ROM.

The computer supports three graphic modes:

The KC compact has a sound-generator with three channels and 8 octaves.

In comparison with KC-85-system the KC compact has a new design.

The device integrated new designed keyboard has 69 keys.

The keyboard is programmable (ASCII-codes, autorepeat on/off). Seven keys may be programmed with words and instructions (jobs).

Independent of screenmode there are 25 lines. The number of characters per line depends on the screenmode.

It's possible to connect external equipment with the expansion port like a disc-drive. There are connectors for cassette recorder, joystick, sound and centronics- printer.

technical data

name: microcomputer KC compact
construction type: ground device with integrated keyboard and external power supply
  • ground device 390 * 220 * 50 (mm)
  • power supply 125 * 76 * 62 (mm)
weight: ca. 3500 g
protection class: IP20 TGL RGW 778
power: 25 watts
voltage: 220 V/external power supply
processor: UA880
clock frequenzy: 4 MHz
memory: 32 Kbyte ROM (operating system, BASIC),64 Kbyte RAM, 42 Kbyte free for user
  • 640 * 200 with 2 of 27 colours
  • 320 * 200 with 4 of 27 colours
  • 160 * 200 with 16 of 27 colours
max. pixels: 128,000
colours: 27
screen unit: normal (non)colour-TV or monitor with RGB-input
TV-connector: HF-modulator, ch 36, PAL or SCART-connector
interfaces: expansion port, joystick, tape, sound, parallel printer port (centronics)
external datastore: cassette recorder
tape-interface: 1000 bit/s, 2000 bit/s switchable non KC-85 compatible
sound: 3 channels, 8 octaves, sound- and SCART-interface (stereo) HF-interface (mono)
keys: 69
lines: 25
charaters per line: 20/40/80
programming languages: BASIC (ROM), other languages can loaded from tape/disc (assemler,pascal)
KC compact includes: ground device, power supply, BASIC-handbook, Demo-tape

Many thanks to Schlumpf for the translation.