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WARNING: Any repairs you make are at your own risk!

Problem Solution
This problem can be identified when the following are true:
  • The disc is in the disc drive,
  • A drive access is made (e.g. CATalogue),
  • The drive motor is on briefly,
  • The disc access light on the front of the drive is lit briefly,
  • The error message,
    Drive A: disc missing, (R)etry, (I)gnore or (C)ancel"
    is displayed
This is a common problem. The 3" disc drive uses a rubber drive belt, and after some time and use, the belt will wear out causing this problem. The solution is to replace the drive belt.

Replacing the drive Belt:

These instructions refer to the CPC6128 computer, but should be similar for all CPC disc systems.

  1. Removing the disc drive
  2. Replacing the drive belt
  3. Reassemble the computer Assembling the computer is done by following the instructions in reverse

Note: Be careful when disassembling the disc drive, there is a small metal pin which can easily fall out. If this pin falls out, then you will need to locate the hole it came out of which is on the casing of the drive underneath the P.C.B.

To disconnect the PCB on the disc drive: