Selecting an Expansion ROM

A expansion rom is selected by writing a code to the rom select I/O address.

The rom select I/O address is not fully decoded, and at a minimum bit 13 of the I/O address must be set to "0" for roms to be selected. To avoid conflict with other devices, the remaining bits in the I/O address should be set to "1". The recommended I/O address is &DFxx.

The rom select I/O address is write only.

An expansion rom is identified with a code which is in the range 0-255. BASIC is defined with a code of 0 and AMSDOS with a code of 7. BASIC will be selected if an attempt is made to select a rom which is not connected.

This process will select a rom, but will not allow access to the rom data.

To access the rom data:

Programming Examples

  1. Selecting an expansion rom,

    To select rom 7. (AMSDOS)

    ld bc,&7f00     ;Gate Array
    ld a,%10000100  ;enable upper rom, disable lower rom, mode 0
    out (c),a       ;send it
    ld bc,&DF00     ;expansion rom select port
    ld a,7          ;expansion rom wanted
    out (c),a       ;select it
  2. Disabling an expansion rom
    ld bc,&7f00     ;Gate Array
    ld a,%10001100  ;upper and lower rom disabled, mode 0
    out (c),a       ;send it