Loading cassette software on a emulator

The information from a cassette is stored in a file with the ".tzx" or ".cdt" extension.

These files are called "tape-image"s and describes the sound from the cassette in a compact form.

(The TZX and CDT file-formats are identical. The CDT extension is used to identify cassettes for the Amstrad. The TZX extension is used to identify cassettes for the Sinclair Spectrum. CDT is a acronym for "CPC Digital Tape". TZX is a mangled acronym for "ZX Tape".)

(NOTE: A Sinclair Spectrum program will not work on the Amstrad. These systems are different and use a different sound-wave to store data on a cassette. If you attempt to use a Spectrum cassette then the Amstrad will not be able to recognise the Spectrum sound-wave and will either report an error, or will not load anything.)

To load cassette software on a emulator follow these steps:

  1. Reset/restart the emulation. The CPC will restart and the "Ready" prompt will appear.
  2. "Insert" or select the tape-image (this is the same as inserting a real cassette into a real cassette player)
  3. Type:
    and press RETURN.
  4. Now type:

    and press RETURN key.

  5. The following message will be displayed:
    Press PLAY then any key:
  6. Now press any key on the keyboard, and the cassette will start to play.
  7. After a short time you will see the following message:
    Loading <filename> block x

    where "<filename>" is the filename of the program found and "x" is the number of the block.

    If you do not see this message:

    For each block that is successfully read, the Amstrad will report the block number.

    When all of the blocks of the file have been loaded, the program will start automatically.


Loading cassette software using CPCE emulator

Follow these instructions to load tape-image software on CPCE.

During loading you will see a progress indicator showing the % of the program that has loaded so far.