Amstrad part numbers

This list is not comprehensive, if you have details of other part numbers or corrections, please e-mail me.

Part Number Function
30001P.C.B. 3" Disc drive
30002P.C.B. 3" Disc drive
40007Gate-Array version 1 (used in CPC464; with heat sink)
4000932K ROM; O/S and BASIC for CPC464 (English)
40010Gate-Array version 3 (used in CPC6128; no heat sink)
4001516K ROM; DOS for CPC6128 and DDI-1 disc interface
4002532K ROM; O/S and BASIC for CPC6128 (English)
40026PCW8xxx printer controller ASIC
40028PCW8xxx/9xxx main ASIC
4003116L8 PAL; Ram management CPC6128
4003732K ROM; O/S and BASIC for CPC464 (Spanish)
4003832K ROM; O/S and BASIC for CPC6128 (Spanish)
4005132K ROM; O/S and BASIC for CPC6128 (French)
4005432K ROM; Spectrum +2
40058Spectrum +2 ASIC
40077Spectrum +3 ASIC
40087PCW9xxx printer controller ASIC
40092Spectrum +3 ROM 1 (English)
40093Spectrum +3 ROM 2 (English)
40120PCW9xxx parallel printer controller ASIC
40226CPC464 "cost-down" ASIC
40235?CPC6128 "cost-down" ASIC
40489CPC+ ASIC
40908CPC+ cartridge protection chip ("ACID")
Z70100P.C.B. CPC464 revision 1 (1983)
Z70102P.C.B. CPC464 cassette sub-board
Z70200P.C.B. CPC464 revision 2
Z70210P.C.B. CPC6128 (1985)
Z70211CPC464 Keyboard Assembly (English) (ribbon cable connectors)
Z70215P.C.B. CTM644 colour monitor main
Z70216P.C.B. CTM644 colour monitor brightness control
Z70217P.C.B. CTM644 colour monitor cathode ray tube
Z70221CPC6128 Keyboard Assembly (English) (ribbon cable connectors)
Z70250P.C.B. CPC6128
Z70290P.C.B. CPC6128 revision 2 (1985)
Z70291P.C.B. PCW8256/8512 (1985)
Z70311CPC6128 Keyboard Assembly (French) (ribbon cable connectors)
Z70312P.C.B. 3" Disc Drive
Z70313P.C.B. 3" Disc Drive
Z70341P.C.B. 3" Disc Drive
Z70374P.C.B. CPC464 revision 3 (?)
Z70375P.C.B. CPC464 revision 3 (?)
Z70500P.C.B. Spectrum+2 issue 3
Z70800P.C.B. PCW9512 (1987)
Z70830P.C.B. Spectrum+3 issue 2 (1987)
Z70833P.C.B. Spectrum+2 issue 4
Z80264P.C.B. 3" disc drive
Z80329P.C.B. CPC464 revision 4 (1988)
Z80330P.C.B. CPC6128 revision 3 (1988)