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Website history

This website was created in 1993 when I was a student studing Computer Science at Cardiff University, Wales, UK.. It was originally hosted in my personal webspace.

In 1995 I completed my degree. I was no longer a student, so I couldn't keep my webspace. I then had the choice of shutting down the website or moving it to another site. Sergio offered me this permanent home where the site has existed ever since.

Personal history with Amstrad computers

I bought my first Amstrad, a CPC6128 in 1985 when I was 11 years old. It was the first computer I had bought from my own money, having saved up for it over many months. I had earned some of the money doing jobs for friends and family (mowing the lawn, washing the car etc..) with the remainder comming from money given at Christmas and birthdays.

About this website

This website is dedicated to the Amstrad CPC and CPC+ computers and the East German clone the KC Compact. (Models covered: Amstrad CPC464, Amstrad CPC472, Amstrad CPC664, Amstrad CPC6128, Amstrad 464+, Amstrad 6128+, GX4000, KC Compact, Schneider CPC464, Schneider CPC664, Schneider CPC6128).

I am an Amstrad enthusiast and I have created this website to provide information and to preserve information about Amstrad computers. This website is maintained by myself in my spare time. It is a non-profit website, I do not ask or receive any money for it or working on it. This is a fan website run by an enthusiast.

Please note that some documents are covered by copyright. Permission has been granted by the copyright holders to distribute these documents, for free, through this website. If you wish to distribute them through your website then you must contact the copyright holders for their permission.

I am not employed or connected with Amstrad plc. Amstrad are aware of this website and have expressed no objections to it. In fact, Amstrad have given permission for their manuals and documents, relating to the Amstrad CPC, to be put on this website.

These pages are hosted on the "andercheran" server at the University of Valencia in Spain. The site was setup by Sergio who is the administrator for "andercheran". This site is hosted with the knowledge and permission of the University.

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